I don’t even like cheese all that much


Don got me to thinking about life and marriage in general (love that man’s writing!)  Something hit me square in the face.  I am one blessed bitch!  I have a family and adopted family (Hey Thelma I ain’t for got you boo!) that is down for me no matter what.  Folks that are in my corner, ancestor cheering from beyond the here and now.

I lose focus and concentrate on what I don’t have…a teenager who is driven, a middle child who is normal, a husband who doesn’t speak his heart or express emotions, who has hurt me and changed how my heart beats…that’s deep for me, but it keeps me focused on the negative.

I’m like a big ol’ whiny tittay baby.  I have so many good things in my life…a man who changed jobs for me, a child who is in college, a middle child who is extraordinary in his own way, a man who thinks I just might be the love of his life…

I have champions for my cause, folks who I can turn to who may not agree with me but are HERE for me.

I will try to stay within those moments.  The blessings, the good shit!  LOL

This world is mine, but it ain’t all about me.  I need to keep focused on that.

I need to stop with all the whining, cause I don’t even like cheese!  Ya feel me?


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  1. I am digging this! I need to start writing again. Circumstances made me stop…and then some! Love you…miss you too girl! I feel a road trip coming on!

  2. I will try to stay within those moments. The blessings, the good shit! LOL

    Same here. For the most part I, like yourself, try to remain appreciative of those who do not always agree but are definitely here for me.

    I had to do a double take when I saw Don. lol. Thanks for the kind words. Speaking of cheese, I was over here cheesin’ afterward. It means alot.

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