A Call…A response


One of my favorite bloggers, Don, posted about unhappily married women.  I have to say his post is deep and wide (hope that makes sense) I posted a response to his “call” read Don’s post here > http://minusthebars.blogspot.com/2009/12/beast-of-burden-what-if-happily-ever.html

Here is my response…

The reason there are so many unhappily married woman? Too many of us plan for the wedding (hence the reason we can recall just about er’ry detail of the ceremony) and forget to plan for the marriage.

On top of that many of us are unable to communicate effectively with our spouses, even those of us whose voices are loud and strong in other arenas of our lives “lose” our voice.

Small hurts turn into big hurts, big hurts turn into bigger hurts and then you wake up(well not really wake up but you get what I’m saying) 14yrs later in love with someone else, but you swallow all of that and stay because while most days you don’t love HIM, most days you don’t hate him either.

Now ask me why I’m up at 2:27am?

Don I hope you don’t mind me shining on your spot


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