One down three to go….


I have completed the first semester in my BSN program.  I burst into tears in my instructors office when it came time to finalize my clinical grades (last step to freedom until Jan 2010).  It caught me off guard.  I’ve had some good times and shitty times, but this journey is mine and no one else’s.  I can appreciate that now.

Many of my fellow students have crashed and burned and I won’t be seeing them next term.  I’m sad for them.

I didn’t do all I could, but I made it and I am now down to 1 person(down from 3) that is taking this long walk with me.

I went out to dinner to celebrate…had some dranks!

The mister is sitting here waiting for me to finish what I’m doing so he can get some ass.  *le sigh*

Not how I wanted to end my night, but I know the time is now.  (Wow I really sound like a selfish bitch)

So I’m officially a second term Junior nursing student.  I actually passed 2 HESI tests…trust that’s a big deal.

*the mister is shaking his junk at me, but I’m ignoring him*

Do men think that shit is sexxxy?  I mean do some fucking laundry, act like your interested in more than what is between my legs…ugh… I hate people some times!

Oh well might as well use the nuvaring…it’s paid for.


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  1. I liked most of this. When you got to the part about the Mister…okay, never mind (Gagging)…Lol. Congrats on your first semester!

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