SOOooooo I lied…Sue me!


So the mister needed to come back to the house to pick up something for Jah.  I was just chilaxin…doing laundry and clowning Cheetah (Tiger) Woods on the internets…good times.

I wasn’t expecting him so I was a bit surprised, but he came through the door like he was looking for someone to be here with me.  (which is laughable because when I get down it ain’t gonna be in the house…men are sooo stupid!)

So I ask him why he’s home and he explains…errand for the middle child.

He then grabs me and starts pelvic thrusting me…(now THAT’S sexy <insert eye roll>)  and of course he says…wait for it…wanna do it?

HELL NAW! (but I didn’t say that)

I just lied, because it was easier than the truth…

I told him the teenager was on his way home…sex averted. Whew.

And yes I do understand that if I don’t fuck my husband someone else will…perhaps this is the reason I want to fuck someone else’s.



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