I’ve dreamed a dream of days gone by?



I had the strangest dream last night, I guess the mind really does work in the background even when you THINK you’re not thinking about stuff.

They were both in the same room.  One unexpectedly and the other was suppose to be there.  I wasn’t thrown off by his presence I just held conversation like I would do with anyone who happened into my office.  Not sure WHY I had an office, but welp, I did.

He didn’t offer much in the way of explanation…nothing new about that, but he did start to tell me about his life and his family.  I seemed fine with that.  Talked about his people and how the job hadn’t changed (does it ever?)

Not sure if he had asked about MY family, I didn’t seemed too concerned about it, so I guess it wasn’t an issue.  He’s rambling on and on about his job, his shop and then asks me about MY silence.

I’m sitting behind my desk a little stunned because hey…doesn’t silence speak for itself?  It’s says more than any words can.  At this point in my dream I’m perturbed.

This motherfucker has dropped by my place of employment…sans appointment… unannounced and without thought for what his sudden appearance may or may NOT mean to me.  RUDE!  LOL!  (but you know I was cool with him being him…that was always the issue!)

So just about the time I get up from my seat to lay into him like a 2 dollah hooker, my door swings open (damn folks is just rude all the way around in this dream!)

*did I mention I had on some killer black stilettos?  Yep those motherfuckers were the BIZNESS!   WHEW!


We both turn to look at the person standing in the doorway.  It’s My Luv…

He apologizes for barging in but he walks straight to me and kisses me softly…way too softly.  You know the way men do when they want another man to know that they are fucking a woman but they don’t NEED to announce it to the whole world because THAT man knows that he’s loving his woman right and she’ s happy with that soft edge of the mouth kiss because she knows (and he knows) later they will be loving each other like they are the only two folks left on the planet…yeah that kind of kiss.  WHEW!

The man across from my desk looks stunned, you can see his mind working and then he knows.  The silence has said all that it needed to say, but once again he was too busy (and/or self-absorbed) to realize what WASN”T being said.

I introduce them… G this is BL my husband, BL this is G an old friend.  BL knows he has always known, but he doesn’t give it away.  He shakes his hand and tells me he’s going to pick up the baby and then start dinner (yeah this is a dream for true).

He leaves just as fast as he came.  G doesn’t say a word.  He just smiles.  As he rises to leave the only words I can manage are “Take care”


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