Just a bag full


I went back on my birth control.  Using condoms was getting on my nerves.  Then the scare with the condomless sex and the morning after pill (best 50 bucks I’ve spent in a while) was just too much.  While I did notice a difference while being off the nuvaring the difference wasn’t significant enough for me to be worried about getting pregnant and the subsequent termination that would follow.  So I’m back on the nuvaring.

I’ve been craving alcohol lately.  Just wanting to drink just about everyday.  I haven’t though.  Wondering if I’m turning into a alcoholic.   I love the way I feel after some wine, warm and relaxed.  Gonna have to find a way to find that feeling without drinking everyday.

Worked out with my trainer today and paid for 10 more sessions.  I have to get my eating under control.  I feel like if I can get it under control during THIS time of year, then the coming months should be easier for me.  Being a food addict is hard on the body and soul.  Whew…I need a nap.

I need to finish my xmas shopping and get the house cleaned.  The new floor will have to wait until after xmas because it won’t be done until after the 20th which is when we need it.  So we’re going to do it after the inlaws leave.  My brother in law is coming without his new wife (strange huh?) so that should be interesting.

Semester is over in 8days can’t believe I’m here…so nervous, don’t want to mess it up.  Just have to keep swimming.

Pray for me.

So that is my bag full for the time being.


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  1. I am a fan of the Mirena IUD. You get it inserted, forget about it for the next 5 years. If you (get crazy and) decide you want to get pregnant, you get it taken out and you can get pregnant right away. After 3-4 months, (each time I had it), my periods stopped altogether (AND OH, HOW I DON’T MISS THEM!)

    This might be more than you ever wanted to know about my birth control. 😉

  2. LOL!! I’ve had two IUD’s worked like a charm! Had my first one taken out and got pregnant with El Syd in less than a month! LOVED them, but sadly they made me SEVERELY anemic. Would get my period EVERY 16-18 days and then I would bleed for 8-9 days HEAVY (TMI I know lol) So I had to get rid of my second one. I was sad. Thinking of looking into the newer ones before my annual check up early next year!

    Love your blog! Thanx for stopping by!

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