Slick like gravel!!!


I’m pretty well versed on your bullshit by now.  I mean I’m just so sick of you trying to be slick.

I have been up since 0 dark 30 this morning.  On my feet, moving patients, running this way…running that way.  I’m tired.  So when you say what’s for dinner…shit I don’t know.  Then you go into “she don’t see me I’m slick like willy” mode.  Yeah go on and put that water on to boil, take out that frozen beef, take out the sauce for the spaghetti…THEN remember you have to go to the store to get some bread for the meal…don’t forget to remind ME to put the noodles in the water when it starts to boil (guess I better take them out too huh?).   Then 30 minutes later call me and ask me when El Syd is done with gymnastics…oh yeah 730…that’s right.  So now I’ve cooked the whole fucking meal.  Yeah I see you bitch.

This is the very reason I keep a life that doesn’t include you.  I need some place I can go to get away from all the ill will I have when you pull shit like this.  It really doesn’t matter to you that I don’t feel like cooking does it, it doesn’t matter that I’m dog tired.   You don’t even have to answer that question because I already know.  Youcouldreallygivetwoshits.

Oh yeah and stop asking me about the fucking xmas lights.  I keep telling I don’t give a fuck pick something.  That shit don’t excite me.  Put them up or don’t.  Buy new ones or don’t.  I.don’  Xmas is just a bunch of overhyped bullshit.  Leave me the fuck alone. Damn!


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