Fake It!


I’ve wanted to write I really have.  I’m just in a strained (and strange) place right now.  I’ve let some school stuff creep up on me and all I want to do is eat sleep and drink (alcohol of course).  I have some major work to do tomorrow so I really don’t want to go to bed because when I open my eyes again (God willing) it will be time to hit the backlog full force.  I feel so freaking lazy.

We are doing some minor upgrades to the house…new patio (which turned out cute but drove me crazy because the dogs had to stay inside) and hopefully a new floor for most of the house.  Our carpet has been destroyed by kids and dogs and laziness.

Things are trying REALLY hard to go off track.  The mister hit me with an “option” of going to the inlaws for Xmas (oh heyall naw) or putting our heads together and figuring out how to get the IL’s and my BIL and his new wife to our house for the holidays.  Yeah I lost it, had to make a quick call to the BFF for sound advice.  She told me to fake the invite…you know say “sure everyone come to our little bitty house for the holiday I would love that!”

<insert smile here>

I told the mister I didn’t want to pack up EVERYTHING and head 16hrs away from home! (wasn’t said with much love) and of course he counters with the fact that we have spent the last 3 out of 4  thanksgivings with my family.  While I see where he’s going with that his logic is flawed.   My family is 4hrs away and we only spend Wed-Fri there and he’s only been 2 out of the four years because he was deployed and one year we stayed here!  Going to the IL’s is a two week ordeal ( I really do love my inlaws).  The trip is just too long not to spend at least 10 days or more (usually MORE) with them.  We went there last year had a good time but it felt damn good to get home! WHEW!

This is the first Xmas my BIL will be home from Iraq and MARRIED, so everyone (well not me of course) wants to get together for the holiday…good times (I don’t mean that!)  Did I mention the mister just saw my BIL(and his “new” bride) and my IL’s last month…yeah last month.  So I did what KC said and faked the invite…we’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah NO ONE likes my new SIL (well except my BIL of course) not the mister,not my MIL and not even my FIL who likes just about everyone.  WHEW.

I was actually trying to get into the Xmas spirit this year, getting decoration and TRYING really hard not to hate this season with every fiber of my being (which is what I usually do).  I hate the pressure of the whole thing…”oh let’s all get together, let’s all get together and do EVERYTHING together for 2 whole weeks, and THEN let’s get up CRAZY early on Xmas morning open gifts and then HEYwhy don’t the women get into the kitchen and cook breakfast for the WHOLE house!”  Yeah I hate Xmas, now I love Jesus, but Xmas ain’t got shit to do with him nowadays.

So I’m on the edge of my glass (yes it has alcohol in it) waiting to hear if KC’s plan worked.  I’m raising my glass and hoping it does.


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  1. Well, you can never be accused of being someone who doesn’t know how to open her mouth and speak her mind in the most influential of ways. Cause you do. While reading I was like … Yeah I see where she’s coming from. LOL. If I take long trips I’d rather spend some time @ that city as well. Not just a weekend but enough time to level the light-year drive.


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