Tell the truth and shame the devil!


Today I feel I need to purge some thoughts and feeling about Shaniya Davis.  She is the 5yr old little girl found dead near Fayetteville, N.C. (which was my home for a good while).  Her mother is a crack head who gave her(traded her for drugs) to a child prostitution/pornography ring.

As I prayed in the shower this morning.  I thought about this little brown baby.  Then something hit me.  You know the media could care less about missing and murdered brown babies (and women & men) so I wondered why this story is getting so much press nation wide.  Then it hit me.  Nothing is more heart wrenching than white folks in front of the camera crying and snottin.  This little girl’s death is getting press because her father is white.  Had her father’s family looked like her mother’s family we wouldn’t have heard about this horrible crime.

AND on top of that…the rapist&murderers are black.  We all know how the media loves to portray black folks as these predators and harmful to ALL white folks.

Would we even know about this poor brown baby had she been an all black baby from around the way.  I don’t think so.

While I agree the folks who did this to her are monsters and need some jailhouse justice, my thoughts are conflicted about how and why this story is getting national attention.

Are our babies worth more when they aren’t fully black?

My heart hurts right now…I’m going to pray real hard today.  I think we all need some peace.


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  1. its shocking to see that even after so many years of our evolution we are still at that same place when it comes to development in the thinking process!!its time we start to judge humans on the basis of their doings rather than on the basis of their color!!well written post and keep writing!!

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