Okay so I’m crazy!


I read all kinds of blogs.  Funny blogs, sex blogs, and some very serious blogs.  I ran across a blog of a mother who has adopted children from Haiti.  She was having to give up one of her children due to some serious issues of safety for the rest of her children.  I respected that.

I read a blog linked to that blog which is dedicated to helping rescue Haiti’s starving children.  I was touched by the children suffering and hurting I looked at the different pictures and I came upon one that stopped me in my tracks.  I thought to myself “that is MY son!”  I’m not sure where THAT voice came from.  Hell most days I don’t even like my own children!

I can’t just co-op someone else’s child  half a world away.

We all know I’m not mom material.

To make this even crazier the mister had asked me about adoption just a few days ago.

I don’t think I can go there.

I know there are ways I can help, I can use my nursing degree(when I receive it).  I can coordinate mission trips.  I CAN do something.

I don’t think I can do that.


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  1. I’m glad you linked the blog as well. We must be related b/c while I don’t think I can do that, it made me wonder how many students I’ve must have taught with RAD and didn’t even know. It’s so sad and I’m praying for a happier ending.

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