The little things


There are things that I just don’t understand in my life.  The mister and I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things.  It seems that there is yet another issue on which we don’t agree.

I have decided to do something about the extra weight I have been carrying around.  We are members of the YMCA and I’ve checked into working with a trainer to kick start my journey.  I’ve tried a lot things to help me lose weight.  I did better when I worked one on one with a trainer, so I’m going to try and take that road again.

My plan is to work with a trainer until the end of the year and then try it on my own.

That was my plan.

I discussed this with the mister and he didn’t seem all that enthused.  He asked me how this would be any different than the other things I had tried in the past.  I told him I wanted to be accountable to someone and he immediately asked me why I was pawning my weight loss onto someone else?  I told him I wasn’t pawning it off, just trying to get some professional help.

I need help.  That’s hard for me to say, but I know it’s the truth.

So now he’s got me on mute.  Which is fine.

It’s odd how when he wants to spend $$$ on things that benefit him (another $300-$400 on trains in the next few months) that isn’t an issue, but I want to do something for my health…strictly for me and all of a sudden he’s not in the talking mood.

I’m going to the YMCA tomorrow and I’m going to write them a check for $160 for 5 sessions, because I need this right now.

All I want is a little support.

And I guess that’s what I got….very little.


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  1. No I got sick the day after I met with my trainer, but my eating is better so I’m on my way. LOL!

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