365+ = safety


Wow! I have been in this space for a year this month.  I have to say the move did me good.  I’ve had my own ups and downs, but I’m still here.   Living my life the best way I can right now.

I finally feel safe.  The issues that caused me to move from bl.ogspot have resolved themselves after months of heartache and heartbreak.  But I am stronger and I’m seeing things clearer.  I have changed the way I think of things and some things remain the same.  I’m okay with that.

So after a year of growing I have to say I’m closer to being the me I WANT to be.  I cried a river of tears and felt at times I wasn’t worth it (or anything for that matter), but I found those around me  needed to be shifted in spaces that worked for me.

I’m not at all where I want to be, but for right now I’m where I need to be.

I’m safe.


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