His Love


Today I let go.  I allowed myself to be unafraid.  I opened up my heart to something I have been denying for a heart’s millennium.


The ability to believe that it is all I need.  To know that it is an addition not a subtraction.  There are so many different kinds of love…for so long love has been all or nothing for me.

Today something shifted and love was added to my life and nothing has been taken away.


I feel safe within this love, free to be exactly who I am, not striving for anything more than accepting and giving love.

His love speaks to me in voice my soul understands.  A voice of desire.  A whisper of nothing more than I am here, we are here.


Today for the first time in what feels like a heart’s century I believe in love.

His Love.


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  1. DON! where in de heyall you been…off to hit up your blog!

    @ Thelma…yeah I feel lighter and calmer than I have in a long time. Everything doesn’t have to be my way.

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