Hanging on to life


I’m still hanging on to life.  It’s been a rough week and school is kicking my ass(much of which is my own fault).  The teenager is back home after being homeless for a while.  He lost his job and is now on the hunt for a paying gig.  I’m dealing with some emotional stuff at the moment, but not sure if it’s PMS or if darkness is descending once again (hoping it’s PMS).  My sex drive has taken off on a roadtrip to God knows where.  Overall I’m still here but feeling as if I want to be elsewhere.

I think I have the fall blues…I hate cold weather.


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  1. Wow…I thought I was having a rough week. I guess it is “welcome home JR?” I hope he is following the rules. Call me if you need to talk. I am still here…(((HUGS)))

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