Man made!

One of my favorite website has a make your perfect man thread.  This is what I came up with, the most important part to me was the last one.  Because that is really what it’s all about!
Malcolm Jamal Warner (body&face him with locs)

KRS-One in thought and intelligence

Sing like Anthony Hamilton or Jamie Foxx

Ambition and swagger like Barack Obama.

Fashion sense of Maxwell or Common

Speaking voice of Common

Openmindness of Common

Sense of humor of Richard Pryor (RIP)

Have a love for sistas like Jamie Foxx claims he does

Have a love of nappy hair like Sir Aje or Mr. Dean ( I know they aren’t celebs but which celebs REALLY love nappy hair?)

Write like Walter Mosley (or my blogger friend Terry)

Clean house like Alice from the Brady Bunch

Have man parts like Tommy Lee (Hepatitis free tho)

And love me the way Cliff loved Claire (The Cosby Show)

or Barack loves Michelle


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