Get @ me!


I am so caught up in what my heart is feeling.  I just dwell in a place of safety.  I can’t begin to understand why I am there.

It’s not even a struggle for me as it was in the beginning.

For moments in time I am wondering what I’m turning away from.

I got tired of putting in what I felt was ALL the work, while words were said, no action followed.  For the longest time it made me angry and then I realized I could do something else.

What I didn’t need is someone so distant so cut off emotionally that I carried the entire emotional load.  So I put down that baggage and kept moving.  Not even sure at this point if I’ll ever take that road again.

My mistake was accepting less than I knew my heart desired.  You can’t demand emotional payment, it only leaves you feeling less than a woman, less than a lover, less than deserving.  None of which I am.

I’m feeding my own soul from this day forward and for that I will not apologize.

Get at me.


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