Love’s Full Circle


It pulled me back in.  I thought about it for most of the day.

Love is not a game.

My eyes are open to the possibility of what being loved with a full heart means.

I don’t want to play with anyone’s heart, but it feels good to be unguarded, to trust and be trusted.  I don’t want to take advantage of that.

I feel like chapters of my life are closing.  I don’t feel the panic I usually feel and maybe that is what all these feelings are about.  I feel safe when I am in those moments, but I know I really am only in those moments for a brief time.

I have been shown what unconditional loves looks like , what it feels like.  It makes me hopeful that one day I will be in a place to love that way and to BE loved that way.  The way my heart and soul desire.

This isn’t about the chase or any kind of game.  It’s about me knowing what I need.  I need soul fulfilling love, love in abundance, unabridged.  I need a heart’s full worth of love.

I know now that I can’t love through the pain, I thought I could, I simply can’t.

Today my eyes are open to what it feels like to be safe within love.  Today I feel like I have come full circle but I’m not held captive within it.


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