Unguarded…Help Me


I tried not to wish for his tongue on my clit.  Tried to close my eyes and wish away the throbbing.  His lips kissing from the small of my back to the top of my neck.  His skin rubbing hot against the back of me.  Exhale.  I could feel my nipples tighten as I try to control my breathing, I feel lightheaded and needy.  Needing him to enter me from behind as I lay pinned beneath the heat that is him.  I moan into the pillow, I’m losing control.  He now has a handful of my locs pulling my head back to free my moans.  Control lost.  I am lost in the moment that he enters me.  My ample ass pressed against his hardness.  Exhale.  As he slides into me, his lips pressed against my neck, my name slips quietly from his lips.  Love is made with each and every stroke.  You inside me, me wrapped around you. Hearts exchanged within a dream that often feels like a reality.


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