I saved a life today!


I been on some otha otha shit lately.  Just irritated and ready to slap a bitch for breathing.  That isn’t a great attitude to have when you are surrounding by very young and oft times emotional females.  I’ve managed to keep crazy in the box for the most of the week.  Today I came very close to “blacking out”  letting my ghetto self run free.

I have volunteered for a charity event through my school.  I get community service hours for it and it’s for a good cause so it’s a win win for me.  I signed up at the very beginning ( I’m walking in memory of my big sis’s dad) and now it has snowballed into a large number of chicks hopping on board to get the free credit.  I’m cool with that.  I’m not much of a joiner as I don’t do well in crowds and I don’t really like people.  Well not these people anyway.

So we all gather in a group to discuss…well shit I really don’t know.  Well the leader of the group decided we needed to be coordinated.  They were making big plans to decorate t-shirts and whatnot.  So someone asked if purchasing a shirt was an optional thing for the charity walk…this is when things went horribly wrong for me.  The leader took it upon herself to tell these broke ass college students that it wasn’t optional they had to buy new shirt to wear for a CHARITY walk.  I was like bitch say what?  I just couldn’t believe my ears.

For the life of me I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t wear our school shirts or a nursing shirt of some kind.  I looked at the young chicks around me and they were all buying into this chick’s bullshit.

Who the fuck was she to tell ME anything.  I’m walking in memory of someone who was special to my family.  It ain’t about standing out or getting people to recognized all of us.  Shit I ain’t even walking with those hoes, I’m walking with Thelma (hey girl).

I saved a life today because instead of causing a scene and taking this chick’s breath away I just walked away.  I ain’t about a lot of bullshit and she was peddling it straight from her mouth today.

What she eat don’t make me shit!


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