Diverging Paths


I decided to take a look at my fantasy ride yesterday.  It’s a vehicle I saw on the street and I thought to myself ” I would look good in that right there”.  While I knew it was expensive I wasn’t ready for the 70K price tag  (Infiniti crossover).  I told the Mister that I was shocked that regular folks pay 70K for a vehicle that loses value every year.  Yeah it’s happens slower for a 70K vehicle but it happens all the same.  The Mister was nonchalant when I told him about the price…he was well aware of the it.  He then went on to tell me that when I finish school I’ll be able to afford 70K for a vehicle.   I’m not sure where he thinks I’m going to be working but that shit doesn’t fly…not for me and certainly not for him. I don’t believe any item, besides a home should be more than a person’s (as in one person’s)yearly salary.

This is where our paths diverge.  The Mister is more concerned with high dollar things.  While I like nice things I’m not absorbed in them.  I don’t care if I have the newest thing or the thing that is going to make someone’s mouth drop.  The Mister likes that wow factor…me not so much.

I know this is going to cause a  lot issues in the coming years.  When I finally finish school and more than double our income.  He’s going to want to spend WAY beyond our means because we can make the payment…to me it’s just not financially logical.

Sometimes people really do outgrow each other.


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