Ass Clowns!


I don’t know why it made me so mad.  But I just need to rant a bit.

My PawPaw just turned 87… a fact that had slipped my overworked student brain.  My Aunt…my LEAST favorite aunt post pics on her facebook page…Ion know why I friended that whore…but anyways.  As I looked at the pics I felt my pressure go up.  I’m not sure why I’m so disturbed by him being surround by hangers-on and my crack head cousins but it bugs the shit out of me.  Now growing up I was PawPaw girl, I loved that funny oft times drunk old man, but I moved away because I’m not good in the family dynamic.  I don’t do bullshit to keep the peace (for the most part) and my tongue has a razor sharp edge.  I just came from home in July (I think it was July) and I spent some time with him and he’s still pretty sharp for knocking on 90.

The pics were of random folks and couple of folks I can’t stand the fucking sight of mainly my ex-step brother ( I fucking hated his mother til the day she died, but she gave me my amazing lil sis) and my cracked out cousin who has advanced degrees but told our childhood friends he came back to town to take care of his mother (my father’s older sis)  because she was dying of cancer!  Yeah he lied on his own fucking mama to save face with niggas who ain’t doing shit with their lives anyway!  He’s still cracked out you can see it in his face…chasing that demon.  I can forgive chasing demons but I can’t abide lying on your own mama.  That shit is beyond sick.

I did get to see a pic of my daddy <3, but I’m just irritated by the rest of those ass clowns!


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