Let’s try this again!


I’m going back to the doctor this morning.  The rash that started out as a few itchy patches is now raging out of control.  I have this shit EVERY WHERE but my face.  It’s disgusting and it itches.  The meds I’m on have not helped at all, actually it gotten worse <mad face>

Talked one of my Profs who is a doctor and she says I should be seeing some results after two weeks of meds, it shouldn’t be getting worse.  I have a misdiagnoses!

So this morning I’ll go in and ask for a skin sample test.  Don’t know why he didn’t do one two weeks ago.  I’m still stuck on Lichen Planus (please God no!), but hopefully it’s something that can be treated with meds so I can get on my way without scaring the shit out people!

Pray for me!


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