Dirty Trickster


There are times when you really shouldn’t follow your heart.  Hearts (the emotional one) for the most part aren’t all that smart.  They trick your brain into believing things that aren’t true.  They skew fact and fiction.

I listened to my heart and tried to just take a little peek into a place my brain knew I didn’t need to go.  I had closed a door securely but my heart talked me into taking just one more look.

I’m really good at lying to myself.  I’m excellent at turning things into what I need them to be even if in reality they really aren’t so.

So I opened that door just a little and then ripped that bitch off its hinges.

I was truthful and open.  Completely.  Not sure why or what it means, if anything.

It’s not the mind that plays dirty tricks, it’s the heart.

Now I feel a longing that has me confused and happy and relieved.

I could lie and say I don’t want this, but a part of me has waited a very long time for this very thing.

I see that selfish part of me coming alive again, and I don’t want to stop it.  I want to feed it and get what I have been longing for.

My heart’s playing tricks on me


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  1. The damn heart and mind will continue to play tricks with you. Self awareness is a start to understanding. Giving in once in a while might not be a bad thing. I’m just saying….

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