That’s what I get for talking out the side of my neck!


I was talking to KC about the teenager and his wants and needs.  J has told his therapist he has to have a car because he’s starting college.  We laughed and laughed (behind his back of course) because there wasn’t going to be a car in his future.  Meanwhile his friend’s who are still in HS are getting sports cars and SUV and the like.  Deep in my heart I feel for the kid, but the teenager has done some wild and stupid not to far int he past.  He’s also done some pretty great stuff as well.

This is where my words come back to bite me in my rather large buttocks.  The plan has always been to take all 3 kids to their respective schools and then make my way to MY school. It was a simple yet efficient plan.

Yesterday my clinical Prof informed me that I would need to be at hospital NLT 0630 on day a week.  Now that time doesn’t faze me.  Of course I immediately thought of the kids.  There isn’t any way for them to get to school.  The little ones could ride the bus alone, but I don’t think Jah is ready to take charge and get himself and El Syd on the bus without major trauma to one (or both) of them.  I think legally they are too young to be home alone regardless.  Then the teenager would be left to his own devices to get to school.  Now I trust him to get himself there, but I still have the issue of the little ones.  The Mister’s work situation is rather tumultuous so he won’t be home to take them either, nor will he be able to rearrange his schedule PERMANENTLY.

The only recourse we have at this point (are you still following me?) is to buy the teen a car and let him drive his brother and sister to school.  FUCK!

Another expense.

I know I’m blessed that this is even an option.  We have until Oct to find him a suitable vehicle and pray that he does well.

I’ve been thinking of trying to find a before school program but that would be more than a care payment for the teenager.

The Mister is fine with getting him a car, me on the other hand…not so much!


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  1. We all have our crosses we must bare. Yours looks like a used import with a few thousand miles and a teenage insurance policy.

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