Oh I see…that’s how it is


Today is the third day of my nursing journey.  YAY I made it!  Yeah I got jokes, not good ones, but hey I’m trying.  I realized last night as I gave up on my dosage and calc review that this is going to be much more of a mental fight.  I stink at math, but I need it to give good care so I will learn.

I have to KEEP my mental on task, stay sharp.  I’m so exhausted(mentally) already but I know this ain’t shit compared to what the future holds.

I’m going to lean like a cholo on all profs who said they were there for me, I’m going to ask for help as soon as I need it.  I will have no shame when it comes to trying to correctly understand things that are given to me.   I will volunteer to be the class short bus rider.

Am I still scared, hell yeah!

I can do this, I was made for this.


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