It’s icky and TMI!!!


I’m on my way out the door this morning.  I have broken out in small and not so small sores and bumps all over my body.  I’m telling you they itch like crazy.  It doesn’t appear to be MRSA,scabies or ring worm (but what do I know) so I’m off to my NP.  I hope and pray she comes  up with a cure of some sort, because I start school in two days and looking like a scabby homeless person is NOT a good look for a nursing student.  It’s really kind of gross.

It started out as a small pimple looking bump on my foot, and of course I picked at it (well duh!) and then it spread from there, I have them on every part of my body including my ass.  EWWWWWWW!

Did I mention they’re itchy?  YEP THEY SURE ARE!  *le sigh*


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