Roadtrip Pt. 3


I’m off to the east coast tomorrow morning to see my big sis.  I’m so looking forward to getting out of town.  School starts in 9 days and I’m stressed out about the weeks and months to come.  The Mister is still having issues with his new job, he’s still miserable and I’m on edge about that as well.  I’m still prayerful because I know that is all I can do at this point.

The teenager’s phone has been turned off (due to non payment of his bill) and the Mister announced he has lost his blackberry, which pissed me off because this is his 2nd one.  Money is tight since I haven’t started getting my school stipend yet.  He’s going to be on his own with the kids and no cell phone is not going to help matters.  He doesn’t understand the $$$ he’s going to need to replace the phone can be used for other things.  I hate that he’s so sloppy with money.

I can’t wait to get away from all of this.


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