It’s all about you, thanx for the update


I called my mama yesterday we talked about the kids and various family members.

We laughed about my visit with my inlaws.  I repeated the story of how my sister in law (who lives in AK) visited her parents in TN but didn’t even give my inlaws (who live in the same town) a phone call to say hello.  My mother begin to rant that when you get married you don’t marry the whole family and if you don’t like someone you just don’t like them.

<insert a strong side eye right here>

I pretty much told my mama that was bullshit and that it’s better to be civil to inlaws(and future grandparents) even if you don’t like them.  I told her my sister in law showed poor judgment and even poorer home training.

My mama wasn’t buying it and went on a rant about how I’ve come to her city and not come to see her.

<insert WTF you talkin’ ’bout Willis right here>

I asked her when I had done that?  Crickets…then…

She said I had come to town but hadn’t come to see HER  and hadn’t come straight to her house.  I told her that if I was traveling 4hrs to see my family was it too much to ask her to travel 15 minutes to my Auntie’s house to see us.  I also told her I have NEVER come into town and not seen her or contacted her.

She was stuck on the fact that I had never come to town and come to see HER.

I see even though I’m almost 40 she’s still trying to add to my bag of issues.  This is one of the many reasons I don’t call my Mama more often.  In her world it’s all about her and she’s always the victim.

*le sigh*

Because I’m trying so very hard to be less like her I didn’t bring up the fact that in 4yrs I’ve live here she’s only been to my house once, even when I offered to make the trip to get her.  Yeah we aren’t going to talk about that.


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