I got toys


So I’ve been thinking about adding to my toy collection.  I have a wide variety of big girl toys.  I like them but I don’t play with them as much as I’d like too.

I have the butterfly, the bullet, the rabbit (every girl should have one).  I have a varying collection of vibrators in different sizes and colors.

While there is nothing like the real thing, there are times when I’m feeling particularly self absorbed and I just want to love on myself.

I invested in a vibrating butt plug while the Mister was deployed in ’08.  I like it, it’s not too big and the vibration is REALLY nice.

I’m thinking my next purchase will be a G-spot vibrator.  I’ve been searching for my G-spot without much luck, so I think I might invest in one of these…

GVibeGVibe2GVibe3GVibe5Gvibe7I’m not sure which one yet, but I figure I’ll by one to help me get rid of back to school stress…it’s a part of my school supplies.  I’m getting straight A’s with one of these!


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