Roadtrip Take 2


The Mister and I got on the road early yesterday to go get the little ones.  The trip to little rock was awful.  It rained the entire trip and the Mister was hell bent on going 80 mph.  I ended up having a really bad anxiety attack and we pulled over and waited for the rain to let up a little bit.  I was tense and terrified for 7hrs, I’m now exhausted. 

It would have been nice if he could have slowed down when I asked him to, but he just barked at me and kept putting the pedal to the metal.  No empathy no comfort, what a doll!

Downtown is really nice though I have read that this city has a huge gang problem so I’m not repping A-town, no gang signs for me.

I also learned yesterday there are streets here named after the former president.  If you all ever come here may I make a suggestion?  Do not go to the clinton museum and ask if they still have monica’s dress, these folks have no sense of humor.  No cigars on display either.

Clinton was not the first black president, he was just a sleazy cheating southern boy, hell every man likes to get a little dick sucky.

I was awaken at 0100 by some jackass who was drunk and loudly looking for the ice machine.  This sista does not play when it comes to sleep.  I jumped out of bed and yanked our door open only to find a VERY drunk VERY red faced middle aged white guy clutching a ice bucket.  I blacked out (let my black out) on his ass and told him if he woke up my little ones we would have an issue.  I must have looked a hot mess, but I didn’t give a shit.  People nowadays are just so fucking inconsiderate of others.  I wasn’t having that shit for the price I’m paying to stay in this place.  No ma’am!

I was awaken at 0600 by the Mister who wanted to hurry so he could jump on the free breakfast provided by the hotel.  Off course El Syd was not having this early morning nonsense.  She changed her mind when she figured out Jah was all alone with HER daddy.  Of course comedy insues.  I find her standing fully dressed as I peel my eyes open, she wants to wander through the hotel alone to get some breakfast.  I give her a great big hug because it’s the first time in 2 mths she’s the first thing I see in the light of the EARLY morning.

Of course I take her to daddy because it’s easier than her fallin apart while I TRY to sleep.

The Mister calls my inlaws who are staying 2 floors above us and tells them to come get chow.  We all spend a nice few minutes filling our bellies and then we all go back to bed.  Of course this doesn’t work for the little ones so I’m up for good.

Today will be filled with shopping (hell yeah) and eating (whoop whoop get it get it) and laughs.

Tomorrow we are back on the road (pray for us) and next week I’m off to the east coast to see my big sis.


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  1. I admire your courage to ask those questions at the Clinton library! Lord knows I would have thought them.

    Also, don’t mess with my sleep. I don’t care how plastered you are. And the sunrise special, probably isn’t that special.

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