YOU asked ME


The Mister asked me yesterday if I missed the little ones.  They have been (happily) with my in-laws since the end of May.  El Syd loves being with grandma and papa, she’s the baby and she gets to act like it with them.  Jah has had some issues but isn’t ready to come home.

I told the Mister I didn’t miss them.  I told him there’s a lot that goes into having the kids here.  Coordinating school, meals, clean clothes, homework, activities etc is hard work.  I like not having to do those things.  I like the freedom of coming and going freely.  I like not having to negotiate between two kids who love to irritate each other.  Overall I like having the break.

I think the Mister was a little put off by my take on the kids being gone.  I started rattling off all things my life is when they are here and I think I struck a nerve.  9 times out of 10 he doesn’t have to do those things.  I do them.  He was gone for the last 6 weeks of the spring semester.  I did it all by myself and studied for finals too.  I’m not complaining.  I know that he works hard at a job he can’t stand.  I appreciate him for that.

I think last night he realized my job as mom is different then his job as dad.

At least for now.


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