Kiss Every Inch of My Fat Black Ass!


Some days at around 5pm I wish I were single.  I’m home on my own most of the day, I like the peace and quiet for the most part.

I’m going to see my big sis in couple of weeks.  I’m heading back to the east coast and I’m excited about that.  My travel plans have changed in the past few days because the Mister won’t be able to take any vacation time because of his shitty job.  So I had to repurchase my ticket at a higher rate because I’m not flying out of TN (where the inlaws are with the kids).

My big sis just had her very first grandchild.  She’s so very excited about me coming so she can be the bragging grandma.  I’m excited about seeing the baby and her family as well.

The Mister questioned how I paid for the ticket.  I put it on our credit card, but planned to transfer the money from another account to cover the cost.

This motherfucker had the nerve to get just a little pissy with me for putting in on the credit card, I just walked away from him.  This is my family and I may complain about them but I don’t play when it comes to them.  PERIOD!

I wanted to cuss his simple ass out so very badly, but I didn’t I just walked away.

This is the same man who didn’t have one fucking issue, not even na eye blink when he spent almost 1k on the same credit card buying fucking trains, but he now has an issue with me spending $209.83 (which will come out of the account I put MY extra grant $$$ into) to go see MY family.



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