Tell ’em why you mad!


I know it’s wrong to talk about folks, I get that.  I know speaking ill of folks says more about me then it does the person I’m speaking ill of.


I have to say this because this is my safe place and I need to say it some where it will not do any harm so here goes.

You look like a broke down Katt Williams, and you write (speak) like one of those ignorant ass dudes in prison.  I have to truly ask myself how some one who speaks “thesaurus” in an attempt to sound so intelligent (which by the way you really don’t seem intelligent at all)  would then show his true ignorance by relaxing his nappy hair?  I mean you are all hitherto and therefore but your head is raggedy.  It hurts to read what you write, and a part of me wants to hug you because obviously you need some type of attention.  I want to tell you to stop trying so hard, because a lot of these chicks out here have self love issues so you don’t have to be all that impressive to hook them.  Back away from the dictionary, retire your thesaurus and cut that terrible shit off your head. Get your weight up and get better people.  You’re getting on my last damn nerve.

Your sister in Christ,



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