How I feel


I’m of the mind of fuck the POLICE!

I know we in America, but I’m so fucking tired of the separate set of rules for brown folks.

Yeah the old man’s pressure was up, I get that.  The police officer was being a dick and the Prof didn’t remember the lessons in his slave mentality survival handbook.  Fuck that.

I’m tired of brown people having to just take this shit.  I’m tired of cops (black and white) treating us like we are less than.

Nothing is going to change but I’m so tired of people saying the PROF should have known better because he’s black, that some sick mental business right there.

I’d like to find that female neighbor (who works at the university) who called the police in the first place and kick that trick in the cooch!  HARD!


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  1. I am all kinds of confused right now. Whatever it is, I hope it is better…(((HUGS)))

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