The birth control chronicles


I went on the hunt today for a non hormonal BC, I found a varietyof vaginal films and creams.  I found the Today Sponge at Walgreens

TodaySpongeIt’s a little pricey $15 for 3 sponges.  I went to 4 different stores and only found it at one, and only in the 3 pack.

The sponge contains spermicide and it blocks the entrance to the cervix.  It can be left in for up to 24hrs and for multiple encounter in that time frame. It’s 89-91 percent effective when it’s used correctly.  It’s less effective for women who have had children, something to do with the size of the cervix after child birth.

I used the sponge when it was on market in the early 90’s now it’s made by a different company.

I’m praying it works so I don’t have to take hormones.


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