Knowledge is power(ful)


I have started to do a little research on my Nuva Ring.  I have loved this form of birth control because I only have to think about it once a month ( I set the calendar on my Crackberry so I don’t forget) and I can control when I have my periods.  I’ve been using the NR for a almost 3yrs.  As I have looked at the side effects I’m growing more concerned that a lot of the things I have been experiencing are from the NR. Depression, weight gain, increase in appetite (yeah I’m not a lazy food obsessed chick  LOL), pain, low (no) sex drive, forgetfulness, low energy the list goes on.

I had chalked it up to getting older.

So I have decided to take it out for 90 days and see how things work themselves out.

I’m hoping things improve.

I’m making an appt with my NP when my 90 days are up.  I feel like though I love my NP I need to see for myself with no input from her.  I want to go into my next appt with the KNOWLEDGE of what my body has or hasn’t done.


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