Friday Wishes


I wish…

I knew if my birth control was making me sick

I had done more with my summer

my summer was longer

he could say what he means

he could mean what he says

he could make it happen

there was a birth control for men

I wasn’t so nervous and scared about school

I had more confidence in my academic ability

Jess had given me that wake up sooner

love really did make things happen

I could shop until I was satisfied

I could get all the things in my favorites list on

I had a better sense of my own fashion

I could lose the first 10 lbs

I could do what I needed to do to lose those 10 lbs

I could stay on track

I could stop writing my book in my head and put it on paper

I wasn’t in love with the characters in my book

I knew what was for dinner


3 responses »

  1. Great wish list. I think I fall into several of those as well. Especially having my summer go by too fast…

  2. Ummm no condoms! I’m talkin about a shot or a pill, you know that got 50-11 things for us. They need something of that sort for men.

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