Why Just Why?


Men are strange creatures.

Why just why?

You fall asleep in bed with the TV on butt ass nekkid.  Snoring, drooling just a bit you know how you do.  No sexy times in sight, perhaps I should have caught the hint with the exposed sleeping paynus, but sadly I did not.  So I fall asleep too AFTER you have been snoring for quite some time.

Why just why?

I turn the TV off and all of a sudden you are wide awake, paynus hard and searching for a warm wet home.  It never occurs to you that I am sleepy or ready to call it a night.  No you and your paynus have had a nice little nap, while I was wide awake and now I’m suppose to stay up  and ride your pony.

Then you are sadden and pouty because you get shot down.

Why just why?


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