Go! Fight! Win!


I love my baby girl, she’s special to me for reasons that have nothing at all to do with her.  At times it’s all about me when it comes to how I feel about her. In many ways I see her as my opportunity to right a wrong.  She’s my baby and I want the very best for her.

Every fall we sign the kids up for sports.  They are allowed to choose 2 sports, no more than that.

The baby girl has fallen in love with gymnastics, she loves the tumbling and flipping it’s her thing.  For the past few years she’s wanted to cheer.  I don’t have anything against cheer leading.   I think it’s a wonderful sport.  I know it has it’s dangerous, but with the way El Syd is built she’s will be the anchor not the flier.

My dilemma comes with the new fall schedule for sports.  El Syd has already chosen gymnastic as her year round sport.  She will attend classes once a week for 90mins.  That leaves her with one sport to choose from.    I don’t want her to choose cheering.  I want her to play a coed sport, last year she played soccer and basketball.  She was good at both of them.  She really has no fear.  She’s a beast.

I want her to do what she enjoys, but gymastics and cheer together just seem too girly girl.  I want her to be well rounded.  I don’t want her to get stuck in that rut.

I feel like I’m being selfish, I know I should let her do what will make her happy.  Go! Fight! Win!


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  1. I feel as if I’ve short-changed my son by not signing him up for any sports in the fall. But I’m going back to work and I know my lazy-assed husband won’t help get him to practices and games, so I’m just going to play it by ear and perhaps sign him up for something once we’ve gotten our routine down.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much. Kids tend to find themselves into whatever works for them. If gymnastics and cheer start off together, they may just fall apart later. One will probably trounce the other…

  3. @Joe not around these parts! A boy would treated like crap here, such closed minds. Sad but true.

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