Just a big ol’ yawn!


I can’t sleep, it’s 434 in the A.M.   It’s be storming for about an hour or so.  I let the dogs in because the chicken hearted lab is terrified of storms. He’s now SNORING on the floor safe and sound.

So after doing my usual internet browsing I decided to look for some porn.  I’ve been having a hard time lately finding decent FREE amatuer porn (probably should just make some my damn self).

I’m so tired of fake titties, fake lesbians, fake screamin’ fake fucking.  I like amateur porn because the people are REAL people and for the most part they seem to really enjoy themselves, it’s not just show for the cameras.

I see today’s porn like I see today’s rap music, a bunch of no talent fake ass people trying to do what they think looks like the REAL thing.

I ain’t fooled or impressed.

If you know any decent free amateur porn sites (that won’t lock up my laptop or give me spyware) list them below.


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  1. A, ahem, “friend” of mine goes to M90.org. Its mostly clips uploaded from other sites to get you to go over to theirs. You might be able to find something there.

  2. Well thank your “friend” for me please. Now if I could just get this teenager out of the house…LOL!

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