Bullshit or Fertilizer


You tell me… is this bullshit or fertilizer?

I watched an Oprah rerun today (yeah I watch Oprah, don’t judge me) the show was talking about women and sex.

Yes, another sex related post.

The couple on the show were having sex issues, he wanted sex, but she didn’t want sex or him (her husband) for that matter.  You could tell the hubby was really hurt when she revealed she had no interest in him or sex. He told her he was hurt because he showed his love by making love to her.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a man say this, the Mister has said the same thing which I didn’t readily believe.  I am a part of my society and I believe men are sex driven for the release and the feeling of good pussy.  Even though I would like to think I have an open mind, it’s hard for me to buy a man saying he’s wants to make love to show love.  I’m not sure why I can’t make that connection, but for the life of me the first thing I think is bullshit.

Now I’ve made love before, I mean bring tears to your eyes, soul sating love, but I have to say that sex for the most part is a primal act for me.

So do men make love as a way of showing love, is this a real life concept?

Am I so jaded that I don’t want love mixed with my sex?

So is this concept of a man making love to show love bullshit or fertilizer?

Or am I putting men into such a small emotional box because I’m emotionally stunted?


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  1. i’m sorry, i’m going to vote that some ppl have sex to show love. i dont think it means you’re jaded, but that’s not your “love language.” are you a kissy, holding hands, physical touch person? if not, that’s not your love language. i am. and for me, sex is a way of showing love. it’s like giving your partner something. wanting to please them and make their toes curl as an act of love.

    so i’m gonna have to vote with team D today. BUT i fully understand that a LOT of women are not like that. i feel like i’m in the minority.

  2. I like what Liberationstheory said. Love language is a great way to describe it. If that is not what you do to show love…then there is nothing wrong with it. It is just what makes you…you. On the other hand, I think they do it for both reasons. Sometimes, it is just to “get off”, and sometimes they want to show you some love. The thing I don’t like myself is when they decide to tell you “I love you”, only when they are getting some. There is no other time they say that except when they are getting that piece of booty! That is what I have a problem with. If you love me, then tell me all of the time…not just at THAT time. Does this make sense?

  3. I have that book the 5 love languages, they have one for children too. I’m a touchy feely person but my on true love is words that’s my love language and his is physical touch. I still think MOST men do it for the release…LOL

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