Why we gotta be some other shit?


I love reading, I mean I LURVE it!  It can be erotica, a love  story, or a life story.  I love to read.

I’ve noticed lately as I hit up other blogs and books written by AA authors (which are hard as hell to find at the library around these parts) that the “black” folks in a lot of the stuff I read are always mixed with some other race or at least have the features of another race.

I am the mother of biracial children I see the beauty in them, but were they not biracial they would still be beautiful to me.

I’m really tired of reading AA books/stories and reading description that obviously are describing an “exotic” beauty or a black beauty with a lil something “other” that make her/his beauty even more alluring.

I ain’t interesting in silky long hair, slim noses, light skin or almond eyes!

I know black people come in all shades and feature, but why can’t someone write about the DARK skin black chick with lovely dark BROWN eyes (regularly shaped), with some nappy hair on her head?  Can we get a sista who isn’t a size 6/8?  Can we perhaps get a sista with tits with some hang time in them?

Does the brotha have to be mixed with something to make him sexy, does he have to have light green/brown/blue eyes to make him more appealing?  Can I get a brotha with a wide ass nose and lips?  Can I get him the color of dark chocolate?

And why in the fuck is there almost always a light skin female on the cover with a dark skin male on the cover of so many AA books?  If we see a dark skin sista she’s usually weaved up!  Can we get a book that has sexy everyday black folks?  Cuz I know we exist.


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