Is this why we’re dying


Black women are contracting HIV at an alarming rate.  We, as a group are number one on the list of new infections.  The information is out there, but for some reason many women are refusing to get tested…why…because they are married.

I get an HIV test at my yearly exam.  I take the full lab panel for all STDs.  If I’m infected (with anything) I want to be aware, knowledge is power.

There are many black women who don’t feel they need to be tested because they are married.  They see getting tested as a trust issue.  I think that line of thinking is ignorant as hell.  These married women who refuse to get tested feel they are married to good men, and that only no good men are the issue behind black women being infected at a higher rate than any other group.  That has got to be the most backward ass thinking I’ve ever heard.

Good men fuck up.  Good men make mistakes, and yes boys and girls good men can and do cheat.  It may only happen one time, but humans are fallible.

I can’t understand the thinking of these women, that some how they are insulated from real life, they got a good man so they have no worries when it comes to HIV. Like HIV is saying “oh he’s a good man, he’s only stepped out this once.  He didn’t MEAN to cheat and his wife trusts him so I ain’t going to infect him.”

I can not understand the HARM in knowing your status and the status of your spouse.

These women can not even fathom that perhaps they do not know EVERY thing their husband has done in his lifetime (before and AFTER marriage).

While I love the Mister I know that he does not walk on water.

Getting tested every year doesn’t mean my marriage is over.  Getting tested means I am being realistic about life, the good and the bad.

Black women are dying, everyday.  We are being infected that is a fact.  It’s not a matter of trusting him, it about being real and loving yourself enough to know your status.

The saddest fact in all this is some black women see getting tested as having to do with their man, it’s not even a thought that being tested is about them.

Is this why we’re dying?


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  1. i saw that shit and tried to post 3 times. i’m just completely perplexed that they think it’s a trust issue. no it’s a LIFE issue dummy! do they not get pap smears either b/c they just know that they can’t have anything b/c they are faithful? i have never heard of such stupidity in my life. i wonder if they also choose not to check the bank accounts either b/c they just “trust” their husbands.

    girl i stopped reading that shit b/c i just really couldnt wrap my head around it.

  2. Just another reason I don’t link from there to here. I was just shocked and disgusted. Some even had the nerve to say “well those women who get infected know they man ain’t no good” I was like bitch please. Our community is so ass backward when it comes to sexual health or health period. So you got a good man, yippy skippy for you, but that doesn’t mean you gotta be high and mighty and STUPID about your shit. It’s sad the youngins in that thread were trying HARD to school the old heads. Just sad and kinda sick if you really think about it.

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