Can a sista get some honesty…please?


I likes the porn, I believe I have established that.  I like amateur porn with NORMAL looking everyday folks you can keep your,faked boobed, bleached out, skinny twiggy looking chicks.  I want to see some tits that SWANG, perhaps some stretch marks and pussies that look like everyday pussies(not that I know what everyday pussies look like, I’ve seen mine and only one other than mine).

Whew…rant over.

Many of the clips I watch feature the money shot.

That brings me to this whole post are guys turned on by coming on a woman’s face?  I mean does it do it for you guys, or will ANY body part do?

Now I’m a swallower, I prefer not to waste a drop.  But I know not everyone is like me (go figure).

Do guys even talk about stuff like this?

So where do you like to put your “money”?


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  1. Well…so, I “shared” your info with someone you are familiar with and I wanted to share his response which I did not expect AT ALL. I loved your honesty and candid-ness. I guess you can say, he appreciated it too. It really took it to heart. Enjoy…let me know what you think. Smooches!

    Well, for me, cumming in a woman’s face it just plain stupid, and a little bit degrading too me. The degrading part is why I think some men get off on it. While I’ve never done anal, I heard that you get the most intense feeling from cumming inside. Of course I’ll probably never find out for myself. I very much like to be swallowed, but I think that’s for more psychological than physical reasons, and I would like to add that I would prefer seeing my “money” swallowed. Some men say that go crazy getting a BJ, but I have yet to have one that even comes close to the sensation of being inside a pussy. With that said, my preference is to deposit my “money” as deep inside of my partners pussy as I can get. My guess is that’s a primal instinct to improve the chances of reproduction. That really doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that it feels the best.


  2. As well as I know him, I was still like…WOW…alrighty then! I was impressed and I appreciated his respond…very much so. I too, like his way of thinking.

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