So I’ve had sex on the brain for a couple of days now.  I found an amateur adult film and for the first time ever I was impressed by the male lead.  I have to say the women truly seemed to be enjoying themselves…REALLY enjoying themselves and he seemed eager to give them what they came for.

This whole film (actually clip) got me to thinking, where do men get their sexxin skills?  I know some men who practice A LOT! and I know some men who are in need of practice, overtime and perhaps a tour guide and a tutor.

I know different women like different things but for the most part if a man has skills, he has SKILLS!

Where do the skills come from?  Now Terry (waves hi to Terry) says he’s an oral player in the sexxin game.  I can dig that he found his groove and went with it.  I can appreciate that talent.  REALLY appreciate it.

While I watched the clip of X.avier Th.icc (crappy name, but I can forgive it) do his thing I was just stunned at his stroke and timing.  I set out to find out who this man was, found him on yahoo groups.

He has his own site, but I don’t pay for porn (oh but I was tempted).  His stroke seems like a God given talent.

But for most men I’m really curious if it’s practice or if their strokin’ talent comes naturally.


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  1. Practice doesn’t hurt, but having partners who are willing to tell you what they like and don’t like is great. I found that you need to experiment and what works for some will not always work for someone else…

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