Patty Cake Patty Cake Bakers (wo)man


The comment I got from the Above Average Joe got me thinking…does it matter how many times a person cheats?

Are women more inclined to forgive men for cheating?

Are men able to forgive a cheater?

Now I have my own views on cheating, I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff in my military days.  I’ve condemned cheaters and patted a few on the back.  I have my own moral compass and I don’t force my views on those who feel differently.

Is it more painful if you found out the person you loved is a serial cheater, just handing out cake whenever where ever?

Are we more apt to forgive if it’s a one time slip up or an affair of means (love and friendship) with just one person over a period of time?  Does it matter that it was only on person?

Is cheating unforgivable?

Under what circumstances is cheating forgivable?


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  1. I don’t think there’s ever a good excuse unless you are married to someone who refuses to have sex and gives you his/her blessing to go get your cake elsewhere.

    I’m betting more women are forgiving though because they don’t want to lose their meal ticket or the power of their position as the wife of some big whig.

  2. What about the women who stay with a guy who has no power or meal to give…LOL

  3. Mrs Joe snuck around with a guy from work for 5 months before she slept with him. She didnt confess until a month after that. Did she start the affair when she started having sex with him or when she started sneaking around?

    I chose the latter.

    If you want to read if I could forgive her, catch up at my blog. It’ll make your head spin.

  4. I agree once she started sneaking the affair had begun. When you do something you wouldn’t want your spouse to do, it’s cheating.

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