Mo’ cake


In my cake post I got 2 comments from guys who were on the receiving end of cheating.  While I am on team Vagina pretty much everyday, my thoughts on cheating are in no way intended to mock or marginalize those on team Penis who have been cheated on.

I think a lot of people know of someone who is a player, who likes the chase but for the most part lives by the catch and release philosophy.

Then there are the men who are players, but want the comfort of a good woman when they decide to go home.

I believe the MAJORITY of people go into marriage with every intention of being with that person and no one else.

Whether things change and that person becomes unfaithful isn’t my issue at the moment.  My issue is with those people who from what I’ve seen have been on team Penis who marry without any intention of staying faithful or perhaps knowing cheating is an option in the future.

I am very good friends with someone who loves being married (working on his 4th as I type this) but he’s a manwhore.  While he will treat his wife like a queen, he’s always on the prowl for easy pussy.  He says he loves the chase, but knows a good woman is hard to find.  So when he finds a good one he wifes her, only to cheat later in the relationship.  Now he doesn’t get married intending to cheat, but he sees cheating as an option if it happens it happens.

I think this type of things happens a lot with men with money and/or power.  They want cake.

I’m not saying women don’t cheat and lie (we do).

Who doesn’t love cake?  Some folks bake it in their own ovens, while others get an extra slice from the bakery.


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