Guilty Pleasures


I visited a new blog today and found a list of guilty pleasures I thought it would be fun to share mine (Thanx for the idea Cocotte and welcome)

I have a few things that I know aren’t particulary productive or good for me but hey you gotta cut yourself some wiggle room.

1.) Cherry Limade Slushes from Sonic, I heard they make them with a little bit o’ crack so you’ll become hooked. Well I’m hooked.

2.) Porn, I like amateur porn.  I like to watch regular folks do the do cuz I’m nosey as hell and it turns me on.

3.) Coach purses, I like the all leather ones not the ones with the big C’ all over them.  I know I could find a cute purse cheaper but that is why they call it a GUILTY pleasure.

4.) Gel Pens, when I was in the military I could get them for free.  Now sadly I have to buy them myself.  I feel like I write neater when I have a GOOD gel pen.  No other pen with do unless…

5) Pens with rubber grips on them, I’m obsessed with the rubber thingies I just roll them to and fro between my fingers and I feel joy.  A rubber grip fine point gel pen is almost orgasmic for me.

6.) Adult toys, I own a lot of different adult toys, the bullet, the rabbit, the butterfly, vibrating butt plug, big toys, little toys, pink toys and blue toys.  A military wife has to be prepared (kinda like a boy scout)  My next purchase will be a G spot vibrator perhaps then my collection will be complete.

It’s a pretty short list but I’m pretty low maintenance.


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