We got cake!


Since the death of Steve McNair the internet has been all a chatter about married men who are serial cheaters.  The question was asked why men get married when they know full well they aren’t going to be faithful.  Some are even standing at the altar knowing they have a mistress waiting in the wings.

So why do men get married when they know they don’t have any plans of keeping their dicks in just one pussy for the duration of their marriage?

Simple, they want to lock down the wife.  That good woman, who is oft times educated, driven, and attractive.  Men (some not all) seem to think if they wife you, then it closes off your options while keeping their options as open as a Filipino hookers legs.

What most men don’t seem to understand that she may very well be at home smiling over her own options.


Men aren’t the only ones who have their cake and eat it too.



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  1. Coming from a first marriage where my ex was the cheater, I can understand how some think it can be a two way street. Usually I find that it’s either one or the other spouse who can’t seem to keep their zipper up.

    Personally, I think it’s all chicken shit. If you can’t keep the commitment why bother to involve anyone…

  2. I don’t know Joe, I think many people can and do forgive if it’s a one time thing, but to know that some (as I’ve read in McNair’s case) just aren’t EVER faithful and have no intention of being committed to one person is beyond selfish and short sighted as well.

    I’m not trying to trivialize the pain that either of you (mike or Joe) suffered. My heart goes out to you both.

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