I never felt more like a failure than when it comes to being a parent.  While I know getting a young black man to 18 without a record or babies is a feat in some people’s eyes.  I see it as only the beginning.  Our black men are destined for greatness, but I feel like I am failing my son.

We are on the edge with him, sending him out in the world when we don’t feel he is ready.  We have rules in our home and since we pay the mortgage we make the rules.  He’s having a hard time seeing things our way.  We don’t want to be so rigid that we are unbending, but I won’t let any of our children walk all over us.

How do you parent a young adult?  How do we get on the same page?

I’m so frustrated and disappointed.

I know in the grand scheme of things he’s a good kid, but something has to give.


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